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  You can download the Library from I2P Torrent. See the home page for the details. Please seed the torrent over I2P and clearnet, it will directly support SIN. Thanks!  
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The Strategic Intelligence Network goal is to provide intelligences, resources and tools to be prepared and to respond to crisis situations anywhere you are in the world.

At home, at work or while travelling be prepared for any situation. Plan a trip, recon an area using latest satellite imagery, find intelligence about any country, acquire new knowledge using the Library.

Be prepared for the day you might face abduction, natural disaster, riot or even war.


2018-07-09: Before we restore access to the Library on the website, you may now download and share the whole Library by torrent. SIN is seeding torrents over I2P but non-i2p users may have access to the torrent using a client supporting I2P (like biglyBT using the I2P Helper addon). Seeding the torrent will also helps us a lot to save bandwidth for other uses. Users that do not wish to use I2P may start the torrent as usual with DHT support and wait for other peers to seed. To start the download: http://ib7yeggizt65x4qm.onion/library/
2018-06-20: Please ensure you update your bookmarks with our new URL as the old one will be taken out of service: http://ib7yeggizt65x4qm.onion/
2018-06-20: After a long time away, SIN is making its way back. Please be patient as the whole system is being redesigned to allow an offline version of the website and new features.

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